TJ in action

Here's my active toddler at 1 year, 4 1/2 months... It's difficult to pacify him these days... He's always on the go. Always exploring. I wonder if I can keep up with him in the coming days, with my aging back. =)

And here he is with his favorite teddy bear. He has this favorite DVD, "Baby Songs". He loves watching musical videos. Somewhere in that video, the kid actress shows how she loves her teddy bear. And from then on, he immitates the kid. He hugs this teddy bear.

My little boy is growing up well... but please not to fast, ok?

Losing weight part 2

I already lost 4 lbs... but slowly gaining it back. I have to keep my momentum... There are old clothes waiting to be worn. In hard times like this, I have to be practical... So on with my diet! I promise myself that I should lose another 4 lbs in two weeks! So that come December, where 'tis the season for merry eating', i have room for extra calories.. Hehehe... Wish me luck, again! =)