The Fun ranch experience

My bday celeb this year was different. It was the 1st time that my toddler can finally participate. Last year, he was just a 3-month old hunk. This year, even though he still doesn't understand bdays yet, he can already be an active participant. So for this year, I've decided to have a "kid-friendly" celebration. We went to Lil' Fun Ranch in Alabang and went to the Active Fun playground. This is a soft play area with slides, bastketball court, soft piano, etc. And as the description suggests, everything is soft--the poles, the balls, the stairs, except for the slides though, so I did not need worry if my little one will bump his head. So in short, freedom! Hahahaha... No need to go after him at every corner... Let the pics tell you how my little boy enjoyed his 1st playground experience

super happy!
may binabalak na kalokohan look

the bench print ad model

My nephew and nieces also tagged along.

w/ my nieces and my mom
And after an hour of playing, off we went to SnR Alabang for some giant pizzas, blue bunny ice cream and drinks.

So that's how my birthday went. I guess from now on, my bday will be kid-friendly, until TJ learns how to appreciate TGIFridays! =P

Craving for pesto...

Last week, I was craving for Pesto Pasta so bad, I even walked to Landmark on my lunchbreak to buy Basil, the main ingredient of this dish. To my dismay, I didn't found any. When I got home that evening, my mom told me there's one in the supermarket located at the commercial center in our village. So the next night, I braved the rains (it was just a little more than a drizzle), which little did we all know will be soooo much rains that submerged the rest of the metro, and off I went to the supermarket. The packs of basil that I found there was half fresh and half wilted. But still, I bought it. when I got home, I had this lovely meal for dinner....

image searched from flicker...

For the rest of the uber rainy weekend, I was feasting on this! Homemade pesto sauce over wholemeal spaghetti. Naks, healthy! So there goes my diet... I'm supposed to be on a carbs abstinence! Hay!

By the way, I still have a handful of pesto sauce in our ref... So i'll be feasting on this still...heheheh... =P


Losing weight...

I'm really not on the heavyside. Maybe I'm on the medium. However, post pregnancy, which is already 15 months ago, I still keep those extra weight I gained. And my pre-pregnancy clothes still doesn't fit well..."Pinagpipilitan ko lang talaga!". So why oh why losing weight is so damn hard???! Eversince I gave birth, I've tried countless times. Sometimes I manage to shed off a pound or two. But after a while, I'll start binging again and the pounds I lost are back in no time. I'm used to not eating rice. It's really not a sacrifice for me to have a "riceless" meal as I'm really more of an "ulam" (viand) eater. But sweets, chips, and ice cold drinks are my weaknesses.
So, what to do, what to do... I was supposed to be starting a serious no-carbs diet this week. Then some colleagues bought food as their birthday treat and pansit palabok was served. Ang sarap! So poofff! Nasira na naman ang diet ko...
Basta, by Christmas, I should be at least 5 lbs. less! By hook or by crook!