The Fun ranch experience

My bday celeb this year was different. It was the 1st time that my toddler can finally participate. Last year, he was just a 3-month old hunk. This year, even though he still doesn't understand bdays yet, he can already be an active participant. So for this year, I've decided to have a "kid-friendly" celebration. We went to Lil' Fun Ranch in Alabang and went to the Active Fun playground. This is a soft play area with slides, bastketball court, soft piano, etc. And as the description suggests, everything is soft--the poles, the balls, the stairs, except for the slides though, so I did not need worry if my little one will bump his head. So in short, freedom! Hahahaha... No need to go after him at every corner... Let the pics tell you how my little boy enjoyed his 1st playground experience

super happy!
may binabalak na kalokohan look

the bench print ad model

My nephew and nieces also tagged along.

w/ my nieces and my mom
And after an hour of playing, off we went to SnR Alabang for some giant pizzas, blue bunny ice cream and drinks.

So that's how my birthday went. I guess from now on, my bday will be kid-friendly, until TJ learns how to appreciate TGIFridays! =P

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