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Anyone interested in Kindermusik classes?

We have an active enrollment for Our Time classes at Kindermusik facilitated by Teacher Ana Castro held at Alabang Country Club. Unfortunately, we need to let go of the enrollment as we have to attend other matters during the succeeding weekends. The educator said I can transfer the enrollment so that I could refund the fee in full.

For a brief description of the class:
Kindermusik Our Time is designed for children 1½ years to 3 years of age. Along with an accompanying parent or caregiver, children meet weekly for a 45-minute class and enjoy singing, moving, listening and interacting socially, and playing simple instruments. Exploration Time encourages a child's discovery of specially designed instruments, textures, sounds and movements; language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation, and vocal play; Music & Movement Story Time encourages emergent literacy skills; and creative dancing affirms a child's urge to move.

Here are the specs of the class:

Module: Our Time - 15 weeks, once a week session
Age Range: Parent and child – 1½ to 3 years old
Venue: Alabang Country Club, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa
Sched: Every Sunday at 1030am, 45mins (from July 25 to Oct 31)
Educator: Teacher Ana Castro
Fee: 8,925 for a 15-week session, with take home materials such as CD, home activity books, a musical instrument for the child and parent

The 1st session was last Sunday, July 25. However, there is a provision for make up classes in November. So no worries even if the 1st session was already missed.

For more details on the module, pls go to http://www.kindermusik.com.ph/curricula_ourtime.html

If someone out there is interested, please let me know. I'll endorse you to Teacher Ana right away.


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Anna said...

there they go! yehey kindermusik for tj!!!