Last night, here's what I brought home to TJ.....

Filling overload! Oreo w/ 4 layers of the double stuff filling

Just like every kid (and adults alike) TJ is fond of oreo cookies. Uhmm... no, make that he is fond of the creme filling inside. With almost all sandwich cookies, he disintegrates the cookies and eats the sweet thing first. And most of the time he leaves the cookies behind. As in, he tosses them away and asks for another piece because the palaman (filling) is gone.

On the contrary, my officemate prefers the cookie only. She removes the creme and dunks it on milk before eating. When I saw her doing this yesterday, I said I'll just bring home the filling. She obliged and before eating the cookies, she removes the filling and piles them in another cookie base.

I gave it to TJ this morning for breakfast. I was unable to get a picture of him eating it because I was still busy packing my lunch. When I got the chance to take a shot of his oreo, here's what I got...

Cookie--> untouched. Filling --> 2 big bites on opposite sides. Need I say more? =P

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