My should have been new pair of sandals

I've been wanting to get a new pair of sanuk sandals. You see, I have a maarte sensitive feet that gets blisters at almost any shoe. Even rubber shoes or slippers. I still get blisters when wearing sanuk. But at least not as much as the other shoes.

At their branch in G4, I chanced upon these 2 gorgeous pairs...

images from sanukphils.multiply.com

Nice noh... One that could be paired w/ black pants and one that could go w/ khaki pants. And you know what? They're on sale. Half the price! Yipee!

I wanted to buy both. As in both! Sale naman eh. The thing is, they don't have it in my size. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! =(

And I'm nagkukuripot. Di ko maatim bumili ng regular priced items. When I see some items at 50% off that I should have bought, I feel foolish if I buy a regular item. =(

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