It's been two years...

... since I first held this tiny, scrawny 5 point something pounds baby boy in my arms. Yes he was so tiny then, even excited relatives were somewhat scared to hold him, fearing that they might squish him.

I would remember going to the nursery every 3 hours to breastfeed him.
I remember wanting to curse every resident or nurse that checks up on me on my room and asking "nagpupoo ka na ba mommy?". I always fight the urged to say "Duh! Don't you know how painful that area is that I wouldn't dare try?".
I remember how I wanted to go back to the hospital on our 2nd night at home. I didn't know how to pacify his crying then. And with me sleep-deprived and every one in the house off to dreamland, just felt so helpless.

And I remember my uneventful delivery experience. My OB asked me to drink a laxative the night before and just go to the hospital at 8am and have myself admitted, with or without contractions. Every resident that checks on me at the labor room asks the same question "Mommy, may contractions ba?, Nagwater bag broke ba?" and I would say no. And I think they were trying their best not to make me go home, also because my OB insists that I'll be giving birth soon. The only highlight of that morning was the lady beside me in the labor room. I did not see her though, I only heard her. She was being scolded by the residents (in a nice way of course) because she continues to sleep and refuses to push. It was her 4th baby, if I remember it correctly. It was her 4th yet the residents were frustrated that she wouldn't cooperate. One of the residents even told her, "nandito ka lang ba para matulog?". She ended up delivering via CS. Anyway, back to me, by 12 noon, the laxative I drank the night before paid off. I was having regular contractions. TJ was out and about at 9:09p.m. (the laxative was yucky by the way. thick thick really thick castor oil in orange flavor, much thicker than a cooking oil--times 10 thicker, which I had to gobble up so that I'll poop and poop and eventually trigger my contractions).
Now, he's 2. Not a baby anymore. A very active, curious, exploring toddler. Full of tricks up his sleeve. Drives me crazy most of the time. Tests my patience to the highest level, and I admit being impatient many times. But hey, a kiss and a warm hug makes it all worthwhile.
Here is a summary of his first year...

L-R 1st row : at his baptism; 2 months, 4 months

bottom row: 1st time at his walker; after a trip to tagaytay; pulling santa's beard at the mall =P

Fast forward to the present, this tiny boy is not so tiny anymore. In fact he looks big for his age. He is now 2. But he looks 4 (I think you'll agree). hehehe... Must be my mom's genes.

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