The challenge

One of my first entry in this blog was about my goal to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 9 months after that entry, here I am still far away from my target and actually much heavier. Konti lang (Just a little bit more), I'll be back to my post-maternity leave weight, wherein I went back to work wearing my mom's work clothes because my own won't fit me.

So here I am again attempting the same. But this time, more seriously (I hope). I am back to my "semi" southbeach diet. I tried this diet 6 years ago. And it really worked for me. I was thinner than ever, plus, my tummy really got smaller. I had to buy new clothes because I already looked stupid in my "big" old clothes. That was how effective it was for me. Part of the reason why it worked was my mom joined me in my diet. So the food we were eating strictly follows the southbeach rules. And she lost a lot of weight too.

Now, the challenge is my mom is not into the diet. I have to fight the urge to eat if she cooks food w/ carbs. I've been trying endlessly for the past months. But was unsuccessful for failure to resist the good food around the house. You see, my mom's a good cook. And w/ my EQ in dieting very low, kasama ko yatang nai-ire ang EQ ko nung nanganak ako (my EQ in dieting went out of my system when I gave birth), I end up loosing the urge to stick to it.

But then again, I aspire to fit in my pre-pregnancy pants. Nevermind my tops, they're not uso na naman (in trend). I want to buy new tops on my birthday, 2 1/2 months from now. I'll be sad if I end up buying larger sizes. And I have weddings to attend. I wanna go there looking nice and feeling good of myself. Wish me luck! This weekend, with the dining out and all, will be crucial. So help me God.


Anna said...

ako din. low EQ sa dieting. i hate it. i'm making my husband diet now and if he loses weight maybe i'll get inspired.

shet ang hirap talaga to get back to pre-pregnancy skinniness noh? i don't know how heidi klum does it! nakaka stress siya hahaha

trixie said...

Hay naku! Diet used to be so easy for me. But now, di na. I've actually lost 5 lbs already, only to gain it back in 2 weeks. Sarap kumain eh. Struggle, struggle, struggle.

Oo nga, I saw your posts about your husbands "program". That's hard ah. But it takes a lot of willpower. I commend him for that. Kung lagi bang eat out ako sa resto for my diet meals, eh why not. Hirap din kasi to prepare. Excuses, excuses.hehe.