When the toddler gets too active

Grandma, TJ and I trooped to Luk Foo at Las Pinas to feast on sumptuous chinese food for Kuya Soy's birthday last November. I actually wasn't able to eat much coz TJ demands that we go around and walk and run and climb the stairs and... Basta, bawal umupo! The only time he stayed still in the high chair was this

.... he was biting a large spoon, as in the spoon that's fit for adults.
Thanks to the spoon, my brother was able to get nice pics of him...

with kuya karlos, the birthday boy

Actually, si kuya na nga lang ang nakakuha ng nice pics sa kanya. Since he's very active and mobile, our good 'ol Canon Powershot A1000, cannot keep up with him anymore. Only SLR cams work for him.... because it has a faster shutter and I think its size catches his attention. When an SLR cam is aimed at him, he looks at it. But if you try it with our little digicam, he turns away. Di tuloy namin makuhanan ng matino.

I think it's about time we buy an SLR! Yes... Wish!

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